Welcome to Fitness Old School!

Are you looking for a simple workout that will energize and motivate you?

Have you even tried some fitness classes before, but generally hate the gym (but maybe not as much as you did when everyone wore neon spandex and did Jane Fonda aerobics)?

Do you get frustrated with trying to navigate all of the fitness programs out there?

Or trying to figure out what works for you?

Do you just want back some of your former energy and want to feel good in your body again?

Well, you’re in good company, and I’m happy you found me!  I have felt just like you, and it’s why I created this page and community!

I’m here to help you navigate the fitness world and regain your energy and motivation!

I’ve spent the last eighteen years learning about the best programs for people who aren’t athletes.

I started out an overweight couch potato! Seriously, this was me back in my early twenties.  Wow!  Look at that big ole 80’s hair!

Through trial and error I have learned the most efficient and simple systems to get myself in shape without spending hours daily doing it.  I have helped hundreds of clients throughout the years with simple exercises, little equipment and minimal time.

Generally, you can expect to spend no more than 3 hours weekly to get into solid, physically fit shape that will allow you to do all of the things you would like – play with the kids/grandkids, walk, hike, bike, maybe even rock-out some awesome air guitar again – all without an obsessive exercise program!


  • I understand that you just want to be energetic and healthy without worrying about injury or devoting hours a day to fitness.

  • I know you have responsibilities and being healthy and fit is merely an avenue to get you to your goals of energy, enjoyment of your family, and self-motivation.

I can help!  I offer online training that is truly Old School.  No fads; no hype.  Just kettlebells and yoga because they can be tailored to suit anyone at any stage of their fitness journey. Helping you get to a healthier, more balanced and strong body is why I don’t promote fitness fads or hype because they don’t have proven track records.  Instead, I focus on holistic practices that offer more than just a way to exercise.

With my online training program, you’ll be held accountable but also given exercises that will build a safe and solid foundation.  We’ll check in with face-to-face video calls, but  I’ll also help you learn to develop self-motivation simultaneously.

Curious to find out more?  Let’s chat!  Click the “I’m Curious” link to schedule a 15 minute consultation with me, or you can get started by filling out the application first to determine if you + me = a great team!

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