Last night, after a nice, but light dinner out with my friends, I found myself opening and staring blankly into the refrigerator.  Closing the door, I wandered over to the pantry and once again opened the door and looked at all of the food.

I wasn’t really hungry.  I had just eaten a nice meal.  And yet I still seemed unable to shut my mind off to the thought of a snack.  So I grabbed a few Jelly Beans and headed into the living room.

And again, I knew that I needed to put my clothes away and finish some sewing.  But instead I plopped onto the couch and started surfing the Internet.

And here I sit, not two weeks from the New Year with all of my expectations for a more successful year than last.

But, in spite of all of my missteps, I know that I am moving in the right direction.  I am pondering my own actions.  I have begun listening to motivational CDs again and have begun to crystalize my specific goals.  I have looked over my former goals and my mission statement to make sure that I am still on track.

My goals are being achieved in increments, and I am happy with my progress.  And so, I continue onward even though it may be at a slow pace.  To me, consistency has always been, and will always be, key to my success.

But to be consistent, I have learned to habitually make decisions that move me toward my goals.  Eventually, I plan to succeed in reaching my goals.  And when I reach those goals, I will set more goals and will diligently work toward them as well.

I try not to limit myself with timelines.  Instead, I focus on the eventual outcome and focus on ensuring that my path is still heading in the right direction through my daily decisions.  I have learned to be sweet to myself even when I don’t make the right decisions all of the time.  I am trying and will keep trying until I succeed!

As we near 2012, I am sure that many of you are setting New Year resolutions.  January is a wonderful time to focus on setting challenging but achievable goals.  To help ensure your success, make the decision in your mind right now that you will make achievement of your goals a priority.

Imagine yourself moving  toward your goal by making the right decision at a challenging moment, such as turning down coffee with friends to attend a Stretch & De-Stress Class.  Imagine also how wonderful you will feel whenever you reap the rewards for your habitual decisions; for instance, feeling your pants fitting looser as you tone up.

You are all capable of and well-equipped to meet and succeed in any goal you set.  I am a firm believer that you can be anything you want to be.  Go for it!  Set those challenging goals and surprise yourself!