Month: June 2012

Go Out There and Inspire Someone!

My mom is a very shy person and yet, through her consistent training and participation in 5k’s and mini-marathons, she has become an inspiration to many people.  Ten years ago, at age 65, she began walking for her own health and now at age 75, she has completed a mini-marathon and recently set her own […]



Do you remember back when you were a child and a beautiful butterfly landed on your arm?  Perhaps you were plucking dandelions with your best friend and she spotted the butterfly landing on you.  Remember the few breathless moments when you were afraid to even blink for fear that you would scare it away?  In […]


Asking Myself “Why?”

While running the trail today, a gentleman on a bicycle passed me.   As he passed he said, “Good job on your running.  I’m 81 years old and I will have ridden 40 miles this morning!”  I’ve seen him on the trail before and he usually says something similar.  He is such a great inspiration to […]