While running the trail today, a gentleman on a bicycle passed me.   As he passed he said, “Good job on your running.  I’m 81 years old and I will have ridden 40 miles this morning!”  I’ve seen him on the trail before and he usually says something similar.  He is such a great inspiration to me as I struggle along.

I went out on a run today with the intention of running a moderately hard pace for three miles.  I’m not really a very good runner.  I am slow and running has always been a challenge for me.  However, I have kept at it through the years mostly because of the ease in being able to run nearly anywhere without equipment.  I also like to run longer races, and they have become a family event with my mother and cousin running with me.

So, needless to say, I still run even though it isn’t my passion.  But I occasionally have to ask myself that simple question—“Why?” to ensure that I am still doing something that I choose to do and something that provides even a little bit of pleasure or purpose.  As long as I can answer that big question, I know that I will continue to run.

As I was finishing the three miles, I began to get quite winded and was thinking about walking.  But there was another part of me that wanted to push harder.  I finally walked briefly because I couldn’t give myself a good answer for continuing to push instead of taking a restorative walk break.

Asking myself “Why?” has almost become a mantra for me these days.  As I engage in my fitness program and especially with my building my business, I continue to challenge my own motives to ensure that I am not engaging activities that are little more than a waste of time.  I desire a return on any investment that I make whether it is time, financial or anything else.

And so I challenge you to question yourself as you go about your days (which eventually become your life).  Challenge your own motives by asking “Why?”  You may find that you are pursuing activities that don’t enhance your purposes or your desires.  Asking yourself, “Why?” may lead to deep thoughts about your situation and your continual, daily choices.

Looking within yourself to pinpoint the reason(s) for your behavior may seem overwhelming at first.   If you truly desire change, though, you must submit to the process.  Why not take a high-level view this week and begin asking yourself “Why?” occasionally?  You may discover something new and wonderful!

Pilsung (Certain Victory),