My mom is a very shy person and yet, through her consistent training and participation in 5k’s and mini-marathons, she has become an inspiration to many people.  Ten years ago, at age 65, she began walking for her own health and now at age 75, she has completed a mini-marathon and recently set her own personal record in a 5k race.  Many people before, during and after the races ask her about her age.  Many people ask me about her and about how she has managed to stay so healthy and active!

As I consider my mom’s amazing story, I realize that we all have the opportunity to inspire others with our lives.  When we pursue worthwhile goals with passion, others naturally begin to watch us.  When we continue forward even when we are tired or busy or uninspired ourselves, we instill confidence and respect in others.  And as other people watch our progress, they may decide to take a step toward their own goals simply because we have shown them the path. 

We blaze a path for others to follow by following our own heart and inclinations.  With a little help from good and encouraging teachers, or supportive friends and family members, we can find victory in our own lives.  When we find victory, others begin to desire it for themselves.

As you go about your day, remember that you are an inspiration to someone.  Even when you think that your actions and your attitude are irrelevant, don’t be surprised to find someone watching.  You matter.  You are courageous, and you can shine the light on the path for someone.

Follow your own path today, and inspire someone in the process! 

Pilsung (Certain Victory),