I spent this weekend completely surrounded, absorbed and fully immersed in Yoga.  As I taught, learned, practiced and digested the teachings, I felt truly blessed to be enriched in such a full and satisfying way.  

Yoga has become a way of life for me.  I cannot imagine myselfImage without the joy that the practice brings into my life.  The suppleness.  The calm.  The freedom in so many ways.  I have found my passion and my path for consistent, dedicated, restorative vitality and health. It is yoga.  

As a trainer, it is my wish that I can pass this same fire and passion to each and every one of my students and clients.  Nothing in the world can surpass the tranquility and personal fulfillment that living my passion has brought to me.  Nothing.

Today, I challenge you to find your own path to health and freedom from the stresses that weigh you down. Find a path that nourishes your body and your mind in a positive way.  When you find that path, you will never stray.

Pilsung (Certain Victory),