I am consciously making an effort to give my body the rest time it deserves.  I work hard, and I demand a lot of my body.  I am so thankful that it responds willingly most days.  I am getting away from doing workouts when my body is still fatigued.   During marathon training, I made the mistake of training when I was tired.  Even though I managed to get through my training, I did not feel good.  And I want to (usually) feel good–that’s why I train!

One of my continuing resolutions into the New Year will be to take more time for restoration of my body and to demand less when my body is obviously tired.  I want to learn this lesson FULLY because my body needs to serve me throughout my entire life, and I want to ensure that it stays as healthy and vivacious as possible!

In order to accommodate my body’s restoration and recovery needs, I am incorporating restorative yoga into my routine and into my classes.  Restorative yoga is one of the best ways I have discovered to allow my body to relax and recover.  Restorative yoga poses are fully supported and held for several minutes at a time.  The restoration comes from the gentle opening along with the deep relaxation of the mind.  I am already seeing wonderful results!