Today represents a new year with so many new opportunities. Many of us will eagerly set resolutions that may or may not become permanent parts of our lives.  Even though we know that most often, we will not be successful with sticking to our resolutions, it’s  still wise to set resolutions.  When we set resolutions, we are acknowledging that some aspect our life is dissatisfying and that WE are in CONTROL of the results – wow!

As we watch the political posturing and maneuvering among our elected officials, we realize that our current culture does not encourage personal responsibility.  And yet, we can defy the cultural pressure to pass the blame by the simple act of setting a resolution.

When we set a resolution for ourselves, we look inside our own hearts and determine our own path.  By setting a resolution, an intention, for our future lives, we symbolically raise a fist and cry, “I am my own!  I will not be bullied, cajoled, flattered, forced or coerced into passively accepting the world’s pre-determined path for me!  I will be who I am and nothing can stop me!”

As your raise your glass in celebration of this incredible opportunity which lies before you, mentally raise your fist and reclaim your life!  Set those resolutions and determine your own path!