I have known for quite some time that in order to improve our relationships – with anyone and everyone – we must break down our barriers.  We all have them.   We build them through every disappointment, heartbreak, unmet need, and real or imagined slights. We build our barriers to avoid pain, but we can never really avoid pain because we live in a natural world where pain exists, and if we actively take part in this grand adventure of life, we will experience pain.

How do we go about breaking through our barriers?  Exercise!  When we work our bodies with exercise (your choice) and release the tension that holds our barriers in place, we become much more open to possibilities, to dreams, to negotiations – to almost anything really.

I have spent hours upon hours in a martial arts studio working out with my fellow martial artists.  I have spent hours and hours engaged in yoga and deep philosophical discussions with other yogis.  I have spent hours upon hours teaching Turbo Kick and kettlebells.

Through it all, I have learned that after a thorough workout, I am much more in touch with my inner self and my ego has dissipated.  I feel joyful, confident, and ready to make amends with everyone.  Those that have taken the journey with me feel closer to me even if I have not spoken a word to them.  We have shared a bond and our energy has been interwoven through a combined effort toward the same end.

If you are feeling lonesome, out of touch or out of sync, then I encourage you to spend a few minutes in your choice of exercise today.  Take a mere ten minutes and pursue an activity that makes you feel alive and challenged.  Take ten minutes and break down your barriers!  You may meet someone on the other side who needs you!