Even during times of grief, my heart warms when I am able to spend time with my family members.  As we gather during the times of loss, it feels as if my heart speaks to their hearts.  We have enjoyed the beauty of a loving and loyal family throughout our lives.  We know that our love and connection remains always.  Families are bound in a deep way that defies logic.   Perhaps it is the shared DNA.  Perhaps it is the shared love as we have grown up.  Perhaps it is both.  No matter, it is a deep bond that ties us together through thick and thin.

As I write and think upon my family, my heart beats faster because I absolutely know that when we lose a member of our family, we lose a part of ourselves.  And when we break bread together; when we share memories together; when we share tears and laughter together, our love and connection grows.  I will be eternally grateful for my family and every loss only deepens my love for them.

Love your family.  Appreciate your family.  Make time for your family.  No one will ever love and accept you in the same way as your family.  If you have family, you are blessed immensely.