The last two weeks have been incredibly busy for me and I have struggled to find time for a long, relaxed and fulfilling workout.  Add in the icky weather, and my plans for a run outside have been temporarily abandoned.

I have, however, been focused on getting in a quick, ten minute workout followed by ten minutes of quiet meditation/prayer.  It has been quite enlightening.

I find that when I dedicate (by setting the timer on the stove) only ten minutes to working out that I actually hate to stop!  Doing only ten minutes gives me a little bit and leaves me wanting more.  The ten minute workout is such a teaser that it leaves me motivated and very focused.  

The motivation comes from the idea that I have not done everything that I wanted to do and the focus comes from having to prioritize the most important aspects of my workout.  Do I want to sprint, do kettlebells, or yoga?   Do I want to work on upper body or lower body?  Maybe I want to do a flow session of yoga?  So many choices and so little time!  

Try the ten minutes teaser workout yourself.  It is truly a great way to stay motivated and to become more consistent with your workouts.  You may find yourself actually looking forward to your workout if you know that you have only ten minutes!  Challenge yourself.  Work hard.  Move on to the rest of your day.

Try it.  You’ll like it!