The ribbon was cut and the move has been made.  I am officially in my new location in Warsaw, Indiana.  I love it!  The space is light and airy; the traffic is steady and I am hopeful once again that my business will be a success.

But doubts still plague my mind from time-to-time.  The economy is scary and I feel the noose tightening at times.  I am running a business after all, and it cannot survive on “wishes,” “want-tos,” “hopes,” or “dreams.”  It requires real and true patrons.

And so the move has been made to address the business issue.  

Time will tell, but in the meantime, I continue onward.  What drives me forward?  My love for teaching and reaching others in a positive way.  To stop teaching would be akin to cutting off my arms.  I cannot stop “being” a teacher anymore than I can stop breathing.

And so as the doubt inevitably creeps into my mind, I take a breath, close my eyes and remind myself of my purpose in this life – to help others by teaching.

May we all realize our purpose in this life and have the incredible blessing to follow our dreams!

Pilsung and have a great day!