Today marks the next to last weekend that I will spend at Spacious Heart Yoga in Goshen, Indiana, attending Anusara Immersion with Mimi Ray.  The trip has been awesome thus far.  We have spent many weekends together over the past year, and I am sad in some ways to see the end approach.  In other ways, though, I am excited to lay to rest the Immersion so that I can move on to the Teacher Training program.

Throughout this process, my body has transformed in step with my mind.  I have learned so many wonderful poses, as well as, methods for maintaining my yoga off the mat.  I have learned to journal, practice, meditate, relax and open in many ways.  Were I to innumerate all that I have learned, I would fill many pages, I am sure.

My greatest hope is that as I grow as a teacher and as a person, that I will properly pass my knowledge to my students so that they, too, will enjoy the wonderful benefits of yoga.

Live well today, my friends!