My Fairy Tales Available For Free Today!

I have self-published two fairy tales that contain life lessons in them.  If you are interested in reading them for free, please visit my author page here to download them for free today.  


I have tried to incorporate lessons that I have learned throughout my life and fitness journeys, and I hope that you enjoy reading them as much as I have enjoyed writing them!

Have a great day!


I really enjoyed Princess Abigail’s New Shoes. I cracked up when I first saw the shoe salesman’s name. I love the mix of fairy tale with a modern day city merchant. I like that Abigail became a stronger woman through this lesson. Great story with a positive message, especially for young girls. 🙂

Thanks Borednicole! I have grown very fond of Princess Abigail. She is a sweet girl and was inspired by one of my friends 🙂 I look forward to her further adventures, as well. She is much different than me, so it has been fun to explore her outlook on life.

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