Over the weekend I was once again in deep yoga training immersion, and it was fantastic!  I opened in a pose on a level that was surprisingly deep for me, and I loved it!

We also spent some time talking about being “hook-able” which is a very interesting concept.  Hook-able is the idea that certain things draw us into patterns that don’t lead us in the direction we wish to go.  When we fall for the bait by being hook-able, we fall into ruts that drive our behavior, our actions and our thoughts in a negative way.

Of course this hook-able idea is just another term for becoming self-aware of our negative action and thought patterns, but the idea repeated in a different way has made me much more aware (even if I fail to act properly) that I still have lingering areas that can move me in a wrong-way direction.

As I have been ruminating upon this idea, I am scratching the surface of another idea, an idea that shines the light on those hook-able patterns that we resist because we do not see them as being negative.  But that idea is so complexly deep that I will need to write an entire article.  

Today is just the teaser and the hook! 😉