My two Princess Abigail fairytale ebooks will be free on April 25 and April 26 at Amazon.  Please click here to access them.

I am offering the books for free as part of my birthday celebration, which happens to be tomorrow- April 25. Each year is a very special time because my birthday is not just my birthday.  I happen to share my birthday with my wonderful older sister (7 years older) and also with my beautiful niece (17 years younger).  In addition, my totally inspiring and amazing mother will turn 76 the following day!  

And as a special gift this year, my nephew’s wife gave birth to their first baby girl on April 19.

Yes – my birthday is special because it isn’t all about me…it’s about family and sharing and loving and gratitude for the support of a wonderful family.

Happy Birthday to us all!   Please enjoy the free reads 🙂