Yep.  That’s my 75-year old mom and me playing with “Folded Leaf” pose.  I love this picture because it represents so many wonderful qualities that I love about my mom.  She still has a playful spirit and isn’t afraid to take calculated risks.  She has always had an open spirit for adventure!  I sincerely hope that I maintain her youthful outlook throughout my entire life!  I always want to take the time for play.  

Yesterday as I ran a short distance, I passed a school yard with children at recess.  They were running and talking and playing.  As I ran back by the same school yard, the bell rang and they all filed inside to resume their studies.

As I taught yoga later that night, I realized that yoga offers each of us a chance to play, every time we step onto our mats.  We learn the basics and as we get stronger, we take flight into any number of arm balances.  We stretch and bend into backbend. We eventually become adventuresome and fly in handstand.  Yoga offers a constantly changing world of challenge, work, focus, but most of all FUN!  

After we have taken flight and allowed our spirits and bodies to soar, we gently bring ourselves into Savasana for our “nap” time before resuming our daily routine.  

I find myself teaching in terms of fun.  I believe that we each need to find the fun in everything that we do, everyday.  Play.  Find adventure.  Challenge yourself.  But most all, have fun!