I’ve been attending a monthly networking meeting at my local chamber of commerce.  It’s been a fun learning experience and I definitely enjoy meeting other business owners.  Being around other people who have defied convention to chase their dreams of business ownership spurs me onward and gives me the lift I need to make it through another month. To me, the meetings are invaluable.

At this week’s meeting, I was asked to explain a little bit about myself and my business.  As I talked, I explained that essentially everything that I do is outside of mainstream fitness.  I teach kettlebells.  (Even as I type Spellchecker splits the word into kettle bells)  Not cattle bells.  Not cattle balls.  Not kettle balls.  Kettlebells.  Russian strong men used them of old.  They are phenomenal.  They work your body in a seriously hardcore way in a very brief time; a fifteen minute workout may you leave you in a puddle on the floor.


I also teach yoga.  For all of the publicity and “popularity” that yoga is enjoying currently, most people still have no idea what yoga is really about.  Many people have never attended a yoga class at a more traditional type of studio.  I would wager that many folks still equate yoga with gentle stretching and trying to become more flexible.  

Yes.  Yoga is about stretching and becoming more flexible, but the way of yoga that I have learned involves a great deal of muscular engagement and endurance.  The style of yoga that I teach and practice is not so much “easy” or “gentle” as it is “challenging,” “weight-bearing,” and “completely exhausting.”  


And finally, as I wrapped up my self-introduction, I explained that my style of personal training is very unlike many famous and quite overbearing, harsh and demanding trainers we have all seen on television (or perhaps personally experienced in a gym).  I have a martial arts background and I teach from a holistic viewpoint.  I also use very little equipment.

I am an adult who expects that you seek me out to teach and guide you.  As an adult, you do not need to be driven but taught and inspired from within.  Browbeating and nagging you is not my style at all!  Nor do I intend to judge you by the contents of your grocery cart and know that along with the “right” foods, you’ll see some “wrong” foods in my cart, as well.  

And yet, even here on my blog, words fail.  I cannot explain kettlebells or yoga because they are meant to be experienced.  Only through experience can they be understood.  Nor can I adequately explain my common sense approach to training. I cannot, nor do I desire, to chase a level of fitness and diet that essentially makes my life unenjoyable.  My training methods reflect my desire to achieve a balance of fitness, health and happiness.  I believe that fitness should fit each of our lifestyles in an unobtrusive manner.

And thus my business name – Warsaw’s Secret Fitness Studio – continues to be supremely accurate.  Secret only because I live, teach and train outside of mainstream.

Not surprisingly, many in the room had not heard of my studio, but as I finished, I made sure that I received my box of free Milk Duds and ate them as we finished our meeting.