“Passion is momentary; love is enduring.”  ~John Wooden

I had the fortune of spending time over the weekend with a new couple.  Oh how in love they were!  They only had eyes for each other and the rest of the world did not exist.  Throughout the weekend they happily embraced, longingly looked into each other’s eyes and were totally content with spending time together in any activity.

As I watched them, my mind remembered the times when I first met my husband and we, too, were head-over-heels in love.  We were happy and elated; colors were brighter, feelings were stronger and life was only good.

And yet, as I reflected upon the differences between the new love playing out before my eyes, and the mature love that my husband and I share these twenty years later, I did not yearn for those youthful days of love.

I have come to depend upon the dependability of my relationship with my husband.  The ease of being in each other’s company and the strong marriage we enjoy have come from many hours, days and years of hard work.  We have gone through our ups and downs but on this side, we have arrived as a very bonded and complete couple.  The one unwavering factor that has carried us through over the years has been our commitment to each other and to our marriage.

The same can be said for our relationships with our bodies.  How many times have we fallen in love with a new workout routine only to fall out of love when the lover’s high wears off and we are left with only our commitment?  When we have a genuine commitment to the health of our bodies, we learn to work through the highs and lows of working out; although we may endure troubles, boredom, injuries, time constraints or a general feeling of “yuck!” we continue onward in our journey.

Fitness is very similar to marriage.  We do not always enjoy working out and many times we may wish to walk away.  As we press onward, though, we realize that fitness becomes the steady, dependable partner that makes our lives complete.  We cannot imagine life without our fitness routine and the ease and familiarity of feeling our bodies working becomes as comforting as the arms of our mate.

Today as you go about your day, stop and reflect upon your partner, Fitness.  Have you been neglecting it?  Relationships require effort, love and devotion.  Take the time today to rededicate yourself to fitness.  You’ll be happy that you did!