“Dedication is not what others expect of you, it is what you can give to others.” ~Unknown

Quality #6:  Dedicated

Yoga teachers are dedicated to their students and to their practice.  They must continually practice yoga in order to lead the way for their students.  As instructors who are also leaders, they must develop a deep level of understanding of their own bodies – physically, mentally and spiritually.  As they learn more, they share with their students; dedicating themselves to clearing away all that is not yoga and/or is unsafe for their students.

Dedication requires immense effort over a long period of time.  Yoga teachers often dedicate entire decades to the pursuit of yoga.  Working tirelessly, they forge onward when they reach the limits of their abilities.  At this critical point, dedicated yoga teachers develop deeper understanding and empathy for their students.

Have you ever been dedicated to something that requires a consistent effort over time; something which challenges you to the point that you have considered giving up?