Quality #9: Goal-Oriented

I know that many yoga students and teachers may question that I would put “goal-oriented” as a quality necessary for a good yoga teacher because yoga at its most basic is a practice in non-grasping.  Yoga teaches us to let go of many things that hold us back from our true selves and from the beauty that lives within us.  Being goal-oriented would seem to be odds with the path of non-grasping.

But I would argue that being goal-oriented abounds even when we are letting go, in fact is completely intertwined within the whole process. Letting go of a selfish desire is a goal.  Allowing ourselves to be who we are at our most basic, is a goal.  Being true to our intentions is a goal.  Yoga does not exist without goals.  If we have no goals, then practice becomes meaningless.  The challenge lies in setting the right goals that spur us toward positivity and onward within the path of yoga.

Yoga teachers should be goal-oriented in ways that enhance their students’ experiences.  Their goals should reflect a desire to be nurturing, helpful and useful to their students and to their own yoga practice.

Would you agree that even in letting go, we still have goals?