“Your work is to discover your work and then with all your heart to give yourself to it.” ~Buddha

Quality #12: Passionate

Good yoga teachers are passionate about yoga and about teaching.  Their lives revolve around stepping onto their own mat and discovering for themselves the secrets that are revealed through consistent practice.

Good yoga teachers believe deeply in the way of yoga and in the wonderful benefits that come from listening to, challenging and nurturing their own bodies.  Yoga is truly a practice and a lifestyle that is a deep mystery in many ways.  The mystery is revealed only through consistent practice and dedication.

Good yoga teachers passionately pursue their own practice and train often.  They spend years training with and under the tutelage of other yogis.  Yoga teachers continue to be students as well, because yoga is a lifelong learning experience.  Yoga continues on without an endpoint, and mastery is a lifelong endeavor.

Passion is simply required to provide the catapult and tenacity needed to effectively, responsibly and passionately perform the role of yoga teacher.

Have you ever experienced passion for something? Did you pursue your passion?  How did it change your life?