BVI 2010 Sailing 039

“Our chief want is someone who will inspire us to be what we know we could be.”  ~Ralph Waldo Emerson

Quality #13:  Inspiring

What inspires you?  Athletes who seem to do almost super-human feats? The innocence of children?  A beautiful rainbow after a summer storm?  Your spouse?  Your own child?  Your dog?

Many things inspire each of us on all different levels.  We may not even realize that someone or something has reached us on a deeper level and given us a heart-lift.  We draw inspiration from many different avenues and each inspiration is unique and special.  Even the most seemingly meaningless conversations can provide inspiration that beckons us onward toward our deepest desires.

When we enter the doors of a yoga class, we may have had a hard day, a stressful day, a sad day, or a challenging month or two.  However, when we take our seats on our mat, we immediately become calmer and more focused.  The serene and beautiful atmosphere of a yoga studio brings its own inspiration and every yoga teacher  wishes to connect with and to inspire their students.

Every yoga class may not leave us breathless with anticipation, but the system of yoga is designed so masterfully that we can use it to inspire ourselves.  When we finally feel subtle changes in our bodies after working for months on end, we are inspired!

When we witness beginner students determinedly struggle to learn the basics, or advanced students who balance with grace and ease, we are inspired!

When we experience a dramatic release of long held emotional tension, or when we share in the everyday lives of our fellow classmates, we are inspired!

Good yoga teachers bring these experiences to us during class to help us learn more.  Using inspirational themes, they guide us through an uplifting and heartfelt practice that lifts us out of where we are, and brings us into a higher and happier place.  Good yoga teachers use the inspiration taking place around us and models a class that will challenge, uplift, inspire but mostly leave us craving more.

What inspires you?  Look around today as you go about your normal activities and find the little inspirations that can bring big changes to your life!