I was lucky enough to be invited as a yoga model for a local photography shoot. Many thanks to Tony and Melissa DeWitt for arranging it all and for creating a fabulous video!

I was both nervous and excited to begin but soon found my groove as the evening wore on, and I spent more time feeling my yoga on beautiful Winona Lake beach. I was so wound up after the shoot that I hardly slept at all!

I learned a lot from the experience and my goal for the next shoot is to SMILE more! I realize my style is intense and focused, but my challenge lies in finding the relaxation at the peak of the pose where I should be smiling! If I am ever given the opportunity to model again, I will be wearing a smile when I’m holding some of those difficult poses!

The second thing I learned is that I can soften my style for photographs. Instead of doing the “big” poses, I can take a simple pose and make it photo worthy. Watching the other models helped me to see and to realize the beauty in a simple pose, and the grace of a challenging pose held with a smile.

I think that Tony did a wonderful job creating the video and capturing all of the activity that was going on throughout. Please watch for yourself and leave a comment. I’d love to hear your thoughts 🙂