IMG_20120616_121739“It is the supreme art of the teacher to awaken joy in creative expression.”  ~Albert Einstein

Quality 14:  Caring

Good yoga teachers care.  They care about their students and are careful about their teaching methods and message.  They chose their profession with great forethought and do not take their duties lightly.

According to, “care” means

The provision of what is necessary for the health, welfare, maintenance, and protection of someone or something.

Good yoga teachers provide for their students, and give them the very best the teachers have to offer.  Providing leadership for, and protection of, every student is a daunting responsibility.  Yoga teachers understand the importance of their duties much more than many other occupations.

Yoga seeks to unify body, mind and spirit through practice. While yoga can be taught in a religious way, it does require practitioners to believe any certain way.  In fact, yoga can stand on its own.  At the same time, yoga seeks to unify the three aspects of all participants – body, mind and soul – through regular practice.  Learning to become more aware of the body and all facets contained within it is the journey for which yoga teachers serve as guide.

Yoga teachers must care about their role as the leader on the wonderful journey of yoga.  The task is challenging and only those teachers who truly care about their students will remain for the long term.

Yoga teachers must also care about their students on a personal level, and in a nurturing and protective way.

Although this quality is listed as #14, it truly belongs as #1 in importance.

Do you believe that yoga teachers need to care about their students?  Is it possible to be a good yoga teacher and also be detached from their students?