I am accepting the First Weekly Writing Challenge from WordPress and have created a recipe for me.  I hope you enjoy the recipe but I wouldn’t recommend making it on your own – it’s highly reactive and difficult to master!

Recipe for Susie

Makes 1 (but goes a long way and can be annoying)

The following recipe is difficult to mix.  Stir often and allow ample time for rest in a quiet space between stirrings.  The ingredients are slow to adapt but once mixed will remain firmly adhered.  The recipe cannot be rushed or pressure cooked due to the highly reactive nature of the ingredients.  Long, slow simmers are recommended for the most tender results.

Begin with:

1 1/2 C Mental Energy

1 C Physical Energy

1/2 C Independence

1/2 C Determination

Scant 1/2 C Anger

Stir above often and rest until mixed.  IMPORTANT NOTE:  If the above ingredients are mixed incorrectly or without rest, bitterness and resentment will permeate the batch rendering it useless.

After well mixed, the following can be added quite easily: 

1/4 C Love

1/4 C Family

1/4 C Loyalty

Allow to rest and then top with the following:

 1 T Humor

1 T Friendship

1 T Crazy

Cook on low simmer for several hours, stirring occasionally.  If cooked appropriately, the resulting product will be hardworking and dedicated, yet unpredictable.