Quality 17:  Invested

Good yoga teachers are invested in their students by being committed to their students’ success.  Being invested means that they care about each and every student.

On a personal level, I have had the good fortune of encountering several people in my lifetime who I felt were invested in me, most recently, my current landlord for the studio.

How do I know that he is invested in me?  Because I feel it.  When I talk to him, he listens.  When I mention a problem or have a request, he responds – quickly.  He asks about my business.  He stops in occasionally to talk.  He truly seems to care about my success and about me as a person.

In addition, I have a current boss at my part-time job who also radiates warmth and caring.  I know that she is invested in my success.  How do I know?  She invests her time in my success.  She inquires about my day.  She asks if I need anything and is responsive when I do.  She takes time out of her day to assist me and thanks me – consistently.

So how do you recognize a good yoga teacher who is invested in you?

#1.  They take the time to talk to you on a personal level.

#2.  They ask about your comfort/if you need anything to be able to perform better – an adjustment, a prop, a rest?

#3.  They radiate care and warmth toward every student.

#4.  They appreciate you.

Good yoga teachers are invested in their students.  When you succeed, they succeed.

Have you ever had someone who is invested in you as a person?  How did the relationship
change your life?