Quality 24:  Courageous

This picture may not look that exciting but I was actually standing on top of a guard rail that dropped about nine feet to the boggy marsh below.  The wind was blowing and it was cold but I was determined to find my balance and ease, even at the risk of a great fall.  As I stood atop the rail, with fear gnawing at my back, I felt strong and proud as I defiantly perched myself atop the rail.

I have come to realize through my journey that twelve years ago, whenever I first stepped in to a Taekwondo studio, a great fire was kindled in my belly that is still fervently burning.  The fire that burns in my belly threatens to incinerate me at times and as it burns, I have no choice but to follow.  The fire pushes me onward, charging past the fear, and making me do things that push me well beyond my comfort zone. 10 things I have done in pursuit of finding more and deeper experiences with my own body – some good and some not so good, include:

1.  Been kicked and punched by 200+ lb men

2.  Spent hours of practice in 100 degree summer days

3.  Given up many hours with family and friends to practice

4.  Spent lots of money in training

5.  Injured my body (dumb!)

6.  Weathered a dramatic implosion of a school

7.  Been falsely accused

8.  Stayed overnight with a complete stranger

9.  Attended many trainings by myself

10.  Built a business

Throughout all of these difficulties and challenges, the fire that burns in my belly has pressed me onward and given me unexplainable courage.  For the fire, I am grateful.

Good yoga teachers are courageous and will share their fire with you.  Simply attending their classes will light you up and help you find your own inner fire!