DSC_0082-001“Do some selfless service for people who are in need. Consider the whole picture, not just our little selves.”   ~Nina Hagen

Quality 26:  Selfless

(Ironically I am working on a class about being selfless and so the lesson for me is doubled, I guess.  How easily we can get off track even as we believe we are pursuing a noble objective.)

Good yoga teachers are selfless.  They do not only think of their own selfish ends when teaching.  They actually rejoice in the small successes of each of their students.  Good yoga teachers intuitively find the right words for those students who are hurting, lack motivation, feel lost, or who need someone to care.  At the right time, good yoga teachers speak kind words and show acceptance to their students.  Good yoga teachers have the rare opportunity to affect their students’ lives in positive ways.

Even good yoga teachers make mistakes but their practice and dedication to being a true and selfless leader will help them realize their mistakes and correct them.  They will apologize, correct, go out of their way, accommodate and inspire.  They will, above all, serve their students in a selfless way, but will also be strong enough to maintain a relatively stress-free studio environment.

Good yoga teachers demonstrate their selflessness through hard work and dedication to their students, but they also will not allow their own or other students’ selfish wills to control the class.  Being selfless does not mean they take the easy way out or become a doormat to their students.  Being selfless, they are guided by the bigger vision of leading their students to becoming happier and healthier people.  They selflessly maintain order even as they create an accepting and nurturing studio environment.

Sometimes we all commit errors that we regret and realize too late that we’ve been selfish.  Yoga gives us time to reflect on our true intentions and to move beyond the shallow, selfish aims and into something bigger.  How do you describe true selflessness?  Have you ever met a truly selfless person?  Do they exist?