Studio view

It all started during teacher training over the weekend.  My teacher gave us a card and told us to write down the things that we had learned.  I wrote down a few things and as I wrote, I realized that I had learned more than I thought I had.

For some reason, that simple question opened up a vein directly into my heart and mind and has been floating softly like a gentle breeze, beckoning and whispering to me, “Remember.”

As I began to turn inward, I focused on my business and the many questions and challenges that lie before me.  I am in search of a bigger space, well sort of.  My space is extremely small by any measure (400 square feet) and yet, it is home.  It is beautiful and welcoming and the location is ideal.  All of my students agree that the space is very inviting.  However, class size is limited and sometimes not every client can attend.

As a trainer and a yoga teacher, my desire to help drives me to find solutions for my clients.  I want everyone who has an interest in the deeper meaning of yoga to find a home at my studio.  As it is now, though, I have not found the right space to move the business.

I also began to look back at my last year since moving into this beautiful space and realize that God has abundantly blessed me!  All of the goals that I have set for the studio since I opened in 2009, have been fulfilled!  I have replaced my part-time income for the most part.  My classes and personal training are both doing well.  I have the start of a small cancellation list and I have been blessed with the most awesome clients ever!

As I reflected, I realized that I am right where I dreamed that I would be someday!  Instead of enjoying and loving this time, I am already planning the next _______?  So I decided today that instead, I am remembering how the dream went, a small studio, full of caring individuals, with whom I could make real and lasting connections, and who would be blessed by the teachings and by the connections that they make at Warsaw’s Secret Fitness Studio.  That is how the dream went and today it is how the dream is lived!

Cheers my friends!  Enjoy every blessing in your day 🙂