“Life at best is bittersweet.” ~ Jack Kirby

My time in Grand Rapids is rapidly drawing to a close and for the completion of my training, I am happy.  The winter has been the “worst in a century” and has made me doubt my wisdom at times.  Through it all, though, I am still on track and should complete my training in only three more weekends.

The richness of the weekends I have spent in GR has surprised me.  I did not expect to become so quickly acclimated to this snowy city and to the people.   My hostess and her household have been amazing (Airbnb.com Myndi5)!  I feel so at home in her house.  My training studio (Expressions of Grace) is both beautiful and inviting.  I have been welcomed with open arms by Mimi, the studio owners and the students.

As I sit typing and drinking a cup of warm Wise Water (coriander, fennel, cumin) this morning, in my home away from home, I realize that my time is on a countdown.  No more looking forward to hours of training or sharing conversation with Myndi’s grandpa.  No more research or homework.  No more driving in the crazy, snowy weather.  No more missed weekends at home.  No more breaking bread with my other GR yogis or sharing our hearts.

I am bittersweet in my spirit right now.  The sweet experience that has passed over my palette for the last several months is turning a little bitter in my belly as I realize the rich experience that has defined the last two years of my life is nearly over.   I will miss this special time.  I have made friends and connections in unexpected places and have been challenged in ways I had not previously considered.  I am different and better because of my experience.

Have you ever experienced a bittersweet ending to something that you pursued with vigor?  Time and time again I am reminded that the joy is in the journey and not in the destination.   Enjoy every moment of your life – even the times that seem to be a challenge.  You will learn and grow more than you realize.