Susie sitting cropped

“I am always ready to learn although I do not always like being taught.” ~ Winston Churchill

As the end of the next to last teacher training closed on Sunday, Mimi asked us each to share “one word” for the week.  The word that bubbled up was “ready,” so I spoke it.  “But am I ready?” I asked myself.  Am I ready to truly run forward with this training and chase my dreams with complete abandon and vigor?  I was surprised, and remain surprised, at the question the simple word brought up.

I am currently a yoga teacher, kettlebell instructor and personal trainer.  I own my own studio and have been forging my way pretty well on my own so far.  The studio is a beautiful and welcoming place, full of amazing people and I feel surrounded by love in so many areas of my life.  But again, am I ready to say that I have “arrived?”

I don’t know.  In some ways, I have arrived in my career as a teacher but in so many ways, I feel as if I am only a beginner, full of curiosity.  I do not believe that I am fully “ready” because I have so much more to learn and to know.  I hope that I am a student until the day that I pass on because without more to learn, know and apply, I would feel as if my life were directionless and without meaning.

If being “ready” means that I cease to be teachable, fallible, humble or approachable, then please, allow me to be unprepared and immature.  I want to be always willing to be taught.

Please join me this week at Warsaw’s Secret Fitness Studio to contemplate further the idea of “readiness” in your practices – kettlebell, yoga and personal training.