shakespearThis week, I lost one of my most important mentors.  He was the greatest Bible scholar I have ever known and he helped me learn truth and to live in genuine freedom within my life.  His teaching allowed me to live in peace with the Word.  Were it not for his bold teaching, I wonder where I would be today.

As I mourned the loss of this one, fine gentleman, I also thought about a previous boss that I lost a few years ago.  He lived his career and his life with such integrity that I still am in awe when I remember his unwavering strength even while under direct, personal, character assault from others who failed to understand him.  His passing was sudden, sad and far too soon.

As I mourned this week in thought of the tragic loss of two genuine heroes of our day, my aching heart cried, “No one will ever replace their bravery and all is lost with their passing.”  When I thought of the tragic loss of two wonderful and rare lights in our ever darkening world, I was tempted to believe my heart, to believe that their lights were snuffed out and gone forever,  and that their wisdom has passed away with them as the rising smoke of a fire.

However, as I put on my running shoes and took a short walk in the sunshine with my faithful dog, Cassie, I came to another conclusion.  While I still live and breath and while others live who came into contact with and absorbed the messages of these two fine Americans, their lights live on through us!  We carry the truth of their message.  We understood them and know the value of their teachings.  We make a difference and honor them by remembering and sharing their message.

Whatever was good, noble, true and enduring in the way they handled themselves that garnered so much lasting and enduring respect, must continue through those who were chosen to carry on their lights. When we lose those we love, admire and respect, we must bear up under the burden of their loss and create a lasting legacy, a tribute to the lives of the men and women who enter our lives but touch and change our souls.

How can you today bring honor to a loved-one who has passed on? Don’t just mourn the loss, carry their message and embody their principles and way of life as a lasting tribute that will continue through innumerable generations who are seeking light in a dark world.  Use their light and fire to inspire your own light to shine brighter.