“My attitude is that if you push me toward something that you think is a weakness, then I will turn that perceived weakness into a strength.”  ~Michael Jordan

In yoga, we learn to live and perform in a world of odds.  We live and walk a very fine line called “the middle.”  We balance in this sweet spot between effort and relaxation, strength and flexibility, and  trying harder and letting go.  It truly is a balancing act in more ways than one.

As we bring ourselves to our mats, we begin with centering.  We center our minds around finding balance in our lives and minds.  We find balance with the appropriate amount of fortitude and strength, while letting go of the unimportant.  Tree pose is a great example of learning to live in the balance.  One leg strongly and firmly roots down into the earth, providing a solid foundation, while the other leg grandly perches atop.  Our torsos remain steady and true while our arms grow like limbs, reaching up toward the vast and magnificent sky.

As we learn to use a dynamic blend of strength and ease in yoga, we use this tool to look at other areas of our lives where we may ourselves harsh and brittle, or weak and shapeless.  We can find the balance within any opposition by using the right blend of strength and flexibility.  We become master negotiators within our relationships, give a little here, require a little more there.  We learn to love more deeply as we appreciate the delicate balance of those around us.

Living in the balance is a wonderful way to recognize that we are never on solid ground.  Life is a tight rope walk with the constant and yet ever-changing world around us.  We keep our eyes on the horizon, stay strong in ourselves and learn to be flexible with those around us.

Live and learn to love the balance of life.