“I believe that all roads lead to the same place – and that is wherever all roads lead to.”

~ Willie Nelson

As I was out running on the rural road by my house, I became a bit irritated with the amount of cars that were on the same road.  The road is usually quiet in the morning hours with not that many cars.  As I was mentally fussing about the cars, I began to think about which roads would not have traffic. I thought about the dirt roads that were near me; they would have very little traffic, but people live on the roads so there would still be some traffic.  The last time I ran on one of the dirt roads in the summer, sure enough a truck came through and kicked up a bunch of dust that coated my body and left me choking.

As I continued to run and think I realized that all roads lead somewhere and every road bears traffic.  As we spend our lives going about from place to place, we are traveling an infrastructure that is built for movement and travel.  As I thought about it in on a personal level (I’m philosophical that way), I realized that whatever “road” I am on in my own life, others are traveling the same road.  We travel at different speeds and have different destinations, but we share the same path at times.

Whether we are trying to get to a different level at work, or make changes in our relationships, we encounter others.  When we see others broken down on the road, do we help or do we speed by unaware?  Do  we tailgate, get irritated, or use “sign language” when we get behind someone going slower on the same road?

How we respond in the physical world is a direct correlate to our personal, emotional, and spiritual selves.  When we harbor anger and resentment towards others who do not follow the road at the same speed or in the same way as we do, we build the same anger and resentment in our bodies and in our emotions.

We are all on our way somewhere and every road, every path, every step is taking us toward a destination.  We can be a help, an irritant, or a hinderance to others. We choose how we respond, and how we help or hinder.  As the road signs read, “Share the Road.”  Choose to spend your days being a help to those you encounter on your road.  In the process, you will help yourself.