Someone told me this weekend that I was working so hard because I am finally becoming successful within my business. Their words kind of stopped me in my tracks. I am not working any harder now than when I was when trying to build my business. From all outside appearances, a year ago, I was not spending as much time in training clients because I didn’t have that many clients, but I feel as if I was working much harder at that time because I was operating from a place of faith and with the idea of building a dream. As a result of very hard work, my dream is becoming reality, building block by building block.

At this point in my career, I realize that dreaming the dream is as easy as living the dream, but building the dream is where the challenge lies and where so many fall away. To dream a bold dream takes courage but most of all, it requires hard work and perseverance to succeed. Day in and day out, the dream waits for another building block, another input. In the beginning, dreams are passive; they exist only within the dreamer’s mind and do nothing on their own. However, as dreams are built over time with hard work and faith, they take on their own life and begin to move from the momentum of the building blocks that were patiently and lovingly laid by the dreamer.

Dreams guide us, challenge us, inspire us. They sometimes fail us, elude us, break us, and bring us to our knees in desperation. We need them as much as we need another breath, for without dreams we become as passive, inert, unmoving and uncaring as the dream itself. Dreams serve as our own inner, guiding light but the dream is without care or concern for us. We alone are responsible for building the dream through dedication, hard work and the support of those around us who believe in our dream and in us.

May you dream your dream with courage and passion and build it with honest integrity and most of all, hard work.