This last weekend of teacher training in Grand Rapids was amazing.  My heart is so full that I feel as if it couldn’t hold anything else right now.  Though the weekend was technically a make-up weekend, I feel as if it were the pinnacle and all of the previous learning came together in a magical, full and complete way!

As I reflected on my good fortune for finding such a high-caliber teacher, I always come back to the one constant in my training career – quality education.  I have said it many times in the past, but it bears repeating, I have been blessed over and over in my lifetime with the best and most amazing teachers! They are truly the cream of the crop!

How do I know?  I have been to other classes.  I have watched other teachers. I have watched and worked with students from other teachers.  It shows.  Each student is a thumbprint, a mini picture of the teacher’s ability to transfer knowledge.

As students, we must seek out knowledge and quality teachers.  We must know without doubt that we are receiving a high-quality return for our investment.  We must weigh the learning against our own dedication and input.  We have a responsibility to ourselves whenever we expend the energy to learn.  If we do not receive the best learning for our time, effort and expense, we should let go of the teacher and find another who better meets our needs at our present time.

As students we must realize that our needs and talents change.  We may outgrow our teachers. We may need a different style at different times in our lives.  With each letting go, we need to allow ourselves to release our teachers with graciousness and appreciation for the knowledge they have imparted to us, and as we seek new teachers, we should commit to and support only those teachers who truly serve our needs from their heart.

Finally, if you have a great teacher, thank him or her!  Appreciate them! Learn all that you can for as long as you can and know that you are not just learning a practice or an art, you are enhancing your life and recreating yourself!