“Each of us is merely a small instrument; all of us, after accomplishing our mission, will disappear.” ~Mother Teresa

Each time I look down at my right wrist, I see the word “Passion” written on a piece of clay that was given to me by a great friend.  She knew that I live passionately.  I cannot contain my passion as it lives in my chest and deep within my belly.  At times it bubbles up and I struggle to keep it contained.  Those who don’t know me well think I am over-opinionated and over-zealous.  Perhaps I am, but my passion for living and for reaching beyond the limits that society would impose upon me, drives me onward.

I believe, and have always believed, that I can be anything I want to be.  With enough work, dedication and belief, my dreams will come true. At times, as I travel a path and calculate the costs of dedication against the reward and satisfaction I will receive for my efforts, I have abandoned my dreams.  I do not follow to completion every dream that I have conceived if I find, after study, that they truly do not satisfy me.

Occasionally, though, I happen upon a dream that grabs hold of my most inner longings and desires, a dream that continues to grow.  I do not tire, get bored or grow weary of some dreams.  When a dream touches the inner-most part of who I am, I will follow it to the end of all that I know.  It becomes a part of me and conscious effort ceases to exist.

I am grateful for the times that I have found my dreams, my life’s mission.  All of my deepest longings and desires have found an outlet through my dreams and I cannot imagine my life without the satisfaction of building a dream into a life mission.  Teaching and running a business has fulfilled me in so many indescribable ways. I truly believe my life’s mission is to continue helping others bring health and happiness into their lives through exercise.

Daily each and every one of us wake up with a new opportunity to live our lives with passion.  What stirs up your passion?  Can you find a way to bring it into your life on a daily basis?  What would your life mission look like if you could truly chase it with passion?  Don’t limit yourself because life is short!  You can be anything that you want to be!