“Live out of your imagination, not your history.”

~Stephen Covey

Sometimes with the American culture of do, have or be [more], I think that we can forget how awesome we, individually, really are!  When I left corporate, I opened my studio with the idea in mind that I wanted to help others realize their own potential in a positive way.  We do not necessarily have to be [more] in order to realize our potential; we just have to recognize our potential and live from a place of authenticity within ourselves.  We are enough, and we are more than just our bodies.  We are all awesome – just as we are!

We only need to do [more] if we truly want and desire something [more] within ourselves and within our lives.  Consider [more] as frosting on the cake, a chance to increase the sweetness and fullness of  life but not from a place of inadequacy.  Learning, doing and living [more] are all positive aspects.  We feel happy, alive and proud that we took a chance at making our imagination into reality.  Being and having [more] can leave us with a sense of dissatisfaction, a general feeling that we are inadequate or have failed in some way.

Materialism and insecurity are sure paths to devaluing yourself in your own mind.  Instead of buying things to have or be [more], look for ways to live [more] in your own kind of awesome way!