This week I am finally getting back fully into my training and workout routine. Here are a few items of fun I’ve had this week:

Backbends on Tuesday evening.  Seeing this picture makes me realize that I need to do a lot more work on my stretching out my hip flexors!


You can also checkout the studio’s YouTube Channel for other videos, but here is a short video of me snatching the 16 KG (36 lb) kettlebell. I’m trying to get in shape for an attempt at the SFG cert in spring. I have a long way to go to be able to snatch this bad boy 100 times in 5 minutes!

36 lb Snatch!

Finally, here’s a beautiful picture of the sunrise from Friday morning Rise N Shine Yoga Practice at Lucerne Park. It’s an awesome time to practice yoga with an amazing view of the lake!  Click here to sign up for this awesome class!



I am having such a blast and I can hardly believe that I GET to do this for a living!  How lucky am I?  Thanks to all of my wonderful clients for supporting me!