This weekend at the Randy Miner Memorial Country Run, I received a big lesson in lost opportunities.  As I have been looking at the Facebook page and learning about more about Randy, I realize that I missed out on knowing someone very special.  I knew Randy only as a co-worker with whom I had little contact.  We often spoke pleasantries when we had a few minutes.  I was lucky enough to learn a little bit about him.

I knew that he was a black belt in his younger days, and one time he showed me a picture  featuring him in his uniform.  I knew that he had an incredible ability to make almost every noise under the sun, and I always thought that he should have been the voice of a cartoon character.  I knew he was funny.  I knew that he slept little and was a great woodworker, along with working a full-time job. I also knew he was a very nice guy.

However, I never knew that he posted a 4:30 mile running pace in one of the first Country Run races.  I never knew that he organized the race and crafted handmade wooden clocks for the winners.  I never knew that he was in a band.  I never knew he coached.  I could probably learn many more amazing things that I never knew about him.

My point is that I never knew he had such incredible skills and accomplishments because he never told me.  He was humble and did not share his past accomplishments.  To me, he was a co-worker with whom I shared a few stories and a lot of laughs.  I did not know about his amazing past or I would certainly have asked and tried to learn as much as I could from him.  I would have gained much knowledge from him, I am sure, had I only known.

The more I learn about Randy, the more I feel a sense of loss for having missed the opportunity to have known him more. I hope that in the future, I am more open to learning about those around me.  I want to learn about others because everyone has their own amazing story to share.

Today, I challenge you to go out and look for the humble; those unpretentious people who may be hiding their own amazing stories that have the potential to affect you on a deep level.  Don’t overlook the humble; learn from them.