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Whenever we take on the most honorable of professions, the role of teacher, we immediately become accountable to our students.  We give and receive inspiration as teachers, whether or not we realize or desire it.  Students look to us for guidance, reassurance, help and understanding.   We are all teachers at some point in our lives – parents, siblings, on-the-job trainers.  We guide those with less knowledge who are looking to us for answers and help.  We have an obligation to provide the very best information and help that we able to give.

Along with guidance and help, we need to inspire our students to WANT to move forward in their paths.  Whether we are teaching yoga or showing a new employee how to do something, we need to look within ourselves and offer only our best.  We hold a lot of power for determining how a new person will perceive us, our information and perhaps their own future path.  Will they learn to love their job because we dig deep and bring up powerful motivation and challenges that are appropriate to their level, or will they learn to hate their practice because they find us and/or our offering offensive?

How often have we forgotten that we usually have a profound effect on others whenever we do something as simple as helping someone find the right locate for a part or the correct way to fill our paperwork?  Perhaps we have changed a new student’s attitude or their entire day just by smiling genuinely and offering our teaching freely from our hearts?

The opportunity for inspiration is all around us.  From spending quality time with family or smiling and sharing with our co-workers, we have the opportunity to both inspire and be inspired.  If your day is difficult, as they all can be, stop yourself and look around.  Inspiration is everywhere, and when we act in a way that improves another person’s outlook, we become an inspired person, leader and teacher.