“All successful people, men and women, are big dreamers.  They imagine what their future could be, ideal in every respect, and then they work every day toward their distant vision, that goal or purpose.”  ~Brian Tracy

I admit that I am not cut from the corporate mold.  I do not excel under the bureaucracy that accompanies large corporations and the rules that are contained therein.  I rebelled mightily against the “goals” that were set for me that were intended to satisfy the corporate numbers game when I did work in corporate.  As I began building my business, my “goal” was to throw away all of the corporate games by moving in the opposite direction.

I offer a style of training that is built upon the individual and is very loose and adaptive.  My clients and I don’t often talk about goals because I believe that coming to training on a regular schedule and learning more each week is a huge goal!  Moving forward is a goal.  Getting stronger is a goal. Being pain free is a goal.  Losing weight – any weight at all – is a goal.  Toning up is a goal.  All that we do at the studio is a combination of goals and results.

However, as I reflected this weekend, I realized that sometimes we as individuals need to set some specific goals for ourselves.  We need the light of our intentions shining brightly as our guide.  We need to have some sense of accomplishment based upon a very specific achievement.  I have many goals that I am constantly striving toward and I want to share that sense of pride, challenge and accomplishment with all of my clients.

I still remember the night that I passed my red belt testing in Taekwondo.  It was a challenging test and I performed as well as I can ever remember.  My form was snappy and powerful.  I broke all of my required boards.  I sparred well and even earned my first black eye.  When it was all over, I knew that I had nailed it!  What a rush!

I went home that sultry summer evening afterward and sat on my patio looking up at the stars and drinking a celebratory glass of wine.  I mentally relived each moment in my mind with a feeling of elation in my chest.  Those times, those fragile and fleeting few moments of complete and utter happiness are what drive me forward, toward each of my goals.  Nothing in this world can compare to the joy that comes from setting, working toward and earning a hard-won goal.

This week at Warsaw’s Secret, we celebrate goals.  Goals are important to all of  us.  Without goals, our lives become dull and uninspired and can even feel meaningless.  Goals keep us looking forward and also help us to remain true to our deepest intentions.  We cannot move forward in our lives without some guidance and many times, the most accurate and true guides on our journey are the goals we set for ourselves.

Today, challenge yourself to truly think and study your future.  Where do you want to be in three, six or twelve months from now?  The time will pass but by taking a moment now to prepare your future path, you can conceive, believe and create your own future by setting a few challenging goals for yourself.

As a start, I am sharing my goal list.  My list is personal and normally a private accounting between myself and my goals.  I feel a little exposed by sharing my list, but I want to give you something real, from my heart.  My list has both short and long-term goals that I may or may not ever be able to achieve, but they drive me onward and challenge me to never give up.  I hope that you, too, will have your own list of goals someday.