2014-09-08 19.33.03

We talk a lot about communication with our bodies, but having returned from vacation, I find that sometimes we can overwork ourselves.  We tend to ignore our bodies when we are under pressure to catch up with work, house cleaning or other matters of our everyday life.  We almost seem to be penalized with extra work for taking time off for vacation.  At the moment when we feel the pressure building, we are standing at a pivotal moment where we can allow our yoga training to guide us.  

Stop.  Breathe.  Ponder.  Decide.  Don’t just “do” because it needs to be done.  Organize and plan. (I personally allowed several things to remain un-put-away until I had the time to deal with them).  Prioritize all of the necessary and pressing items and do the things that need to be done first and allow the rest to be undone until the time becomes available to deal with them.

We have such a difficult time with “letting go” and the term is over-used and rather cliche within the yoga community.  Still, we need to learn to let things go.  We don’t necessarily have to let them go forever, but maybe we do.  When we learn to let go of the control of how we think that our house should be, the work that should be done, or the lists that need to be made, we learn how to recognize the important from the trivial, the necessary from the unnecessary.  And maybe, just maybe, we learn how to enjoy the un-done as a representation that we are in control of our lives and how we live them.