Fall is a terrific time to look at our diet and exercise routines. When we talk about routine, we often use the word negatively, as if having a routine is some how “bad.”  Routines are not bad things; routines provide comfort and stability.

Daily time routines let us know where and when we need to be places.  Without some established routines in our lives, we drift without purpose or meaning.  Routines with our diet guide us to know how and what to eat and can help to keep us healthy and on track.

Ayurveda recommends that we check and modify our diet with the changing of the seasons.  As such, we need to revisit our daily routines to ensure that they fit our present needs.  Below you’ll find a link to a basic daily routine that will give you a great starting point as you make the transition to fall.


For a different routine, check out the Art of Manliness:


If you don’t have some kind of daily routine or schedule, if you life feels out of control, if you feel lost and without purpose, then establish a routine.  Do one positive thing for yourself every day.  Make a routine that will bring about a sense of accomplishment, balance, purpose and harmony in your life.