It feels as if I haven’t been a part of my business for so long but in reality, I have only been gone for two weeks of the last six.  I have been on vacation and it’s been fabulous!  I have traveled and relaxed and enjoyed my time fully.  However, I miss my studio.  I miss the students and my routine.  I miss being in the “zone” of running the business and interacting with the rest of my fellow business owners.

As I contemplate getting back into the routine today, I am finding that I feel out of sorts.  I actually feel a little blue.  Not because I want to be on vacation, but because I feel a bit uninspired because my mindset has lost its focus.  By being gone for so long, I feel a bit derailed and the effort to get back on track is staring me in the face, even as I write.

I know that the blues will pass as soon as I get “back in the saddle” and once again assume my role as teacher, entrepreneur, coach and friend.  Until then, I will reset my mind with activity, research, study and focus.  The dullness of my mind will clear and I will emerge again.

Vacation blues – they really do exist, even for those of us who LOVE their careers 🙂