Truth quote

Sometimes the road to truth can be overwhelming.  Discovering a truth is really like turning on a lightbulb.  The moment the truth unveils itself to us happens in a flash.  We see clearly; we understand; we sometimes berate ourselves for not having learned it faster.

The instant of understanding happens in a flash, but the process is long.  The struggle to discover truth is full of twists, wrong turns, wrong ideas, and sometimes, failures.  We cannot understand until our minds and bodies are ready.  We cannot learn faster.

When we look to yoga (or anything) for truth about ourselves, our lives, or our understanding of the world, we do not realize how much the process will change us.  We often do not understand how long and challenging the journey to truth can be.  Truth can be painful and at times, we avoid the pain of understanding because we are not ready to accept the responsibility that accompanies truth.

When we begin to understand ourselves in truth, we may realize the need for change, whether it is something as simple as diet and exercise, or as difficult as changing our responses, behaviors and thought patterns.

Truth is “accurate or exact” and often we are not ready to accept an accurate view of ourselves or others.  “Truth hurts” or so we have always been told, because it is unfailingly accurate.  In reality, truth only hurts when we are not ready to experience it. Once we take the journey to find truth for ourselves, we may momentarily experience the pain of remorse, but we will always be better for having faced the unknown and accepted truth for ourselves.

As you step out of your box and begin the journey toward truth, do not let other views or opinions tarnish your journey.   Others may try to unfairly judge you, stop you, or distract you.  Truth is within you; you will find it when you are ready.