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“I know this world is ruled by infinite intelligence.  Everything that surrounds us – everything that exists – proves that there are infinite laws behind it.  There can be no denying that fact.  It is mathematical in its precision.”  ~Thomas A. Edison

To get truly stronger and to move effectively during our workouts, we need to learn to move with precision.  In our learning process, we learn to let go of the extraneous and superfluous movements that make our movements less than optimal. We learn to move and work “smarter” not “harder.”  We increase the intensity by breaking the movement down to it’s most elemental form.

Perhaps we relearn to skip as children by moving one foot, hop, and then the other.  If we haven’t practiced our skipping skills, we may find that we have grown dull as we move from childhood into adulthood. We may become dull on more than just the physical level.  Perhaps our minds and hearts no longer practice with joy and abandon as children.  Perhaps we love less as our senses dull and we move mechanically, without sensing.

Maybe it’s time we relearn precise movement, in tune with our senses.  Sense your arms and legs.  Feel your muscles working.  Take a long look in the mirror at your posture.  Sense, feel, see, fix.  Move with precision.  Skip with a light heart and love always.