“Holding on is believing that there’s only a past;  letting go is knowing that there’s a future.”  ~Daphne Rose Kingma

Sometimes the holidays are filled with sadness.  Perhaps we are more poignantly aware of our missing loved ones during this time because the holidays revolve around family and loving one another.  We may find ourselves broken-hearted during what we think should be the most joyous of times.  The holidays can be difficult, especially the longer that we live and the more losses that we experience.

During this holiday season, as we think about those who are missing from our lives, and feel the pressures that come with our very commercial and consumeristic society, we can become sad in our spirit and pressed down.  Sometimes we may feel a bit overwhelmed by the holidays, but we have an outlet for our sadness.  We can take our despondency to our mats where we can work it out for ourselves.  Our yoga mats are more than a place where we move our bodies; they’re a place where we connect with our spirits, a place where we are free to be ourselves, a place where we can retreat from the rest of the world if only for ten minutes a day.

Whenever you feel saddened, pressured or stressed, “let it go” on your yoga mat.  Letting go is a way to give to yourself.  It’s also a way to give to others.  You can let your expectations for yourself and others go (gifts and/or behavior).   Letting go can be difficult but it also provides a new sense of freedom for your mind, body and spirit.  Letting go doesn’t mean you don’t feel the sadness of this season, it means that you accept the sadness without judgment, along with all of the other emotions that this holiday season brings.