“A master can tell you what he expects of you. A teacher, though, awakens your own expectations.”      ~Patricia Neal

As I reflected this morning on the new year and all of the “things” that need to be done, my mind came back to some of the emails that I have received from my clients throughout the year.  The emails and texts that I receive are not typically what one would expect from personal training clients. Instead of getting comments about how much weight has been lost, or how many push-ups, planks, etc have been completed, I receive comments about being able to sit-through a movie on date-night without hip pain, being able to stand throughout the day without foot pain, and being able to get up and down on the floor to do everyday chores or play with the kids, grandkids and dog.

Each and every message that I receive uplifts and touches me so deeply that I well with tears at times.  I know the other issues of weight loss and fitness are important, too, but truly those superficial goals pale in comparison to the real rewards my clients receive for learning to truly understand and care for their bodies.

So what are my clients learning if not a focus on weight loss and extreme fitness?  They are learning to “be able to.”

“Being able to” is really at the heart of my philosophy toward health and fitness.  When I began this journey of teaching, I did it with the intention to never use guilt as a means for my clients to attend classes or training. I feel as if Warsaw’s Secret Fitness is a true reflection of that goal.

To me, guilt is only good for as long as it lasts before it is replaced by bitterness.  Instead, I am always looking for dedicated clients who truly want to “be able to” learn the meaning of health and fitness for themselves while I serve as their guide and inspiration.  “Being able to” means that my clients have no limits.  Instead of the limiting number on the scale, they are able to dream of “being able to _________.”

Some of their “being able to” goals have included:

1.  Take a physically active vacation with their families.

2.  Move more easily and without pain.

3.  Find stability and banish fears of falling.

4.  Walk, stand and move with good posture (to name just a few).

So far, my clients and I have made great strides in achieving those goals.  One session at a time, we build a foundation of stability and consistency that eventually culminates into life-changing, new abilities that translate into “being able to” do whatever they dream.

So what do we do at Warsaw’s Secret Fitness, you ask?  We give our clients “ability,” because ability means “being able to.”